The pandemic has changed plenty of things over the last year and a half. The real estate market is one of them. The market has been hot and growing hotter. That was helped along by low interest rates and the fact that more people were spending even more time at home. As people figured out the ins and outs of working from home, many realized that their space didn’t work and made plans to change that. Cue several more real estate transactions.

So what do all those real estate deals mean to the average person? When it comes right down to it, it means for a lot of analyzing what people have, where they can put it, and in some cases, what they can do without. Yup, there has been a lot of purging too. At Load of Rubbish, we have noticed.

Junk Removal and Real Estate

How are junk removal services and real estate linked? In a lot of ways. People contact us when they have items to get rid of at various stages in their realty journey;

    • when deciding if they should sell their home or not – if we get rid of all this junk, will we have enough room to live comfortably?
    • in preparation to stage a home for sale – to make a home look more spacious and less cluttered
    • when they are beginning to pack – purging things not wanted in the next home
    • when it comes to closing day – when they realize that not everything will fit into the moving van or new home

“Load of Rubbish was easy to contact online & by phone; they responded to questions & concerns promptly and courteously. When I had to move my start time, they were able to help and didn’t give me any attitude; very friendly but still professional from all staff (I dealt with 4 different people).

Pickups were very smooth; they gave me an accurate estimate and carried everything out & to their truck with no issues. I even added a few items which they were fine with taking on the spot (as happens when closing a house). Will absolutely use this company again, and cannot recommend highly enough!

Larsey S.

How Estate Cleanups Help

When it comes time to sell your home, you don’t want another stressor in the mix. The real estate market is stressful enough! What you need is quick, professional services from people you can trust. That is what you get with Load of Rubbish and our Estate Cleanup services.

Tips to Win During Your Real Estate Journey

If you have decided that a move is in your future, first things first—assess what you have. Take some time to really look at your possessions. What do you use all the time? What hasn’t moved or been noticed in the last six months to a year? Are there items which are broken or in a poor state of repair? Do you actually want to bring everything with you into your new space?

Once you have made some of those hard decisions, the next step is to be realistic about the space you are moving into. What is the layout of the rooms? Do you have the same square footage as your previous home? It is a good idea to measure your new space and note the layout design, including where doors, windows, ledges, heat registers, and other features lie. Even if you have approximately the same amount of space, it may or may not work with your existing furniture, depending upon how the rooms are laid out. There is no point of moving items, if they just don’t fit.

Entering the real estate market at any time can be stressful, but the last year seems to have been even more so. Don’t let the speed of it sweep you away. When you contact Load of Rubbish, we are with you every step of the way, from deciding whether you should move, to preparing for sale, and finally to the big day.  We handle your possessions with care and check in with every piece that crosses our hands. Plus, you get peace of mind that the items you ultimately decide to let go of will still end up in a good place. We work with area thrift stores to donate usable items, keeping them out of area landfills. No excess waste on our watch, if we can help it!

Are you ready to take that next step in life? Before you call your real estate agent, Talk to Load of Rubbish. Let’s get you moving today.