Kitchen Cleanup

It can be overwhelming to pack up a lifetime’s worth of stuff. Load of Rubbish makes it easier with Estate Cleanup Services.

When a recent Load of Rubbish customer finally convinced her 90-year-old mother to move into a senior’s apartment complex, she rejoiced. It had taken her years to convince her to downsize from her large family home to something more manageable. Finding a new home for her mother wasn’t easy, but the next steps were even harder—emptying a 4-bedroom house from a lifetime’s worth of stuff.

That is where Load of Rubbish stepped in.

If you no longer have room for shelves full of books, why not donate them so that someone else might have the opportunity to read them

If you no longer have space for overflowing bookshelves, donate your books so that someone else might get the chance to read them

The client had browsed for junk removal companies online and found Load of Rubbish. She like what she read, especially the parts about keepsakes being protected, and items being recycled and donated. It was a Saturday, but she took the chance and picked up the phone to call. Lucky for us, we answered. By Friday, we were packing up the last of the items which hadn’t been sold at auction or a hastily organized garage sale. All the client had to do was open the door to let us in. The packing, heavy lifting and removal of the last of her mother’s belongings were left for Load of Rubbish to clean up in a speedy and efficient manner.

“I hate the thought of Mom’s crystal being thrown in a dumpster,” the client remarked, as the custom-built kitchen was methodically emptied.

The peace of mind that Load of Rubbish offers, is that that won’t happen. We do our utmost to carefully handle all of a person’s keepsakes and mementoes, so that they might find new life with someone else. Boxes of books were packed. Bins of miscellaneous kitchen implements were filled. Old medicine cabinet contents were emptied. And several suitcases were stacked at the door to be placed into our waiting 600-cubic-foot covered truck. We gathered it all, sorting items as we went.

Load of Rubbish protects the safety of our workers when moving larger items like this organ, by using moving straps

Load of Rubbish protects the safety of our workers when moving larger items, like this organ, by using moving straps

Sadly, not everything makes it to the donation centre at the end of the day. While Value Village is a reputable company which often takes most of the items we drop off, there are some items they know will never sell. The old organ fell into that category, as well as a few other random items. That doesn’t mean that it ends up in the landfill though. For many of the items which are not accepted, they end up going to another recycling centre where they are sorted once more to assess value.

Once the truck was loaded, the client breathed a sigh of relief. No matter how much support you have, it can be difficult to sort, donate and dispose of a lifetime’s worth of stuff. As this woman already had her own home, many of the items weren’t necessary or needed in her household, but that didn’t mean she wanted to see them thrown in the trash. Knowing that Load of Rubbish would take care of the last of her mother’s possessions was one less stressor for her to deal with.

And we were happy to help.