The real estate market may have slowed down, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still sell your home. Whether you need to downsize, upgrade, or relocate to another city, there are plenty of people looking to get into a new home. You just have to get their attention. While the crazy bidding wars may have cooled since last year, there are still ways to get your home sold. All it takes is a little work to make your home shine. Load of Rubbish has a few tips to sell your home fast.

Tips to Sell your Home in a Buyer’s Market

Load of Rubbish is often contacted by realtors looking to help their clients sell their homes. They have load of great tips on how to do that too, starting with some easy steps;

  • clear the clutter – pack up and store or get rid of excess items to make your home look more spacious
  • clean until it shines – banish cobwebs and dust bunnies, plus wipe down baseboards and clean hood vents
  • make it smell good – aside from emptying the garbage, think about simmering potpourri or oranges and cinnamon sticks on the stove
  • add a coat of fresh paint – a fresh coat of paint makes a home look well-maintained
  • be forthcoming about the costs of running the home – display typical bills during the open house (taxes, heating, water bills, etc.)
  • get a home inspection – anticipate any issues home buyers might find by getting a home inspection before offers come in, along with estimated costs of fixing any issues (if you don’t plan on rectifying them)
  • fix existing issues – don’t leave it to chance and lose potential buyers. Repair any existing flaws, like missing shingles, an outdated water heater, cracks in the foundation, etc.
  • upgrade dated areas – sometimes issues are cosmetic in nature. Updated kitchens and baths sell homes. It’s a fact. If it’s in question, do the upgrades.

While many of these tips to sell your home require little more than elbow grease, some take a little more work. If you plan to upgrade a room in your home, know that Load of Rubbish takes construction debris, including fencing, drywall, carpet, and more. For those purging and decluttering, we also collect a variety of used items, plus donate salvageable finds to area thrift stores. Even updating your appliances or furniture is a breeze, as we happily collect those used items too.

Ultimately, you want to show your home in the best light possible. Let us do our part to make that happen. Call us today to schedule a pickup and get that sign in your yard tomorrow.