Christmas is one month away. How did that happen? Who’s got their Christmas tree up yet? The debate is always whether you should buy fresh or artificial, but why not go for something even more eco-friendly this year. Why not have a green Christmas by putting up a Christmas tree made from recycled materials!

Upcycled Christmas Trees 

Pallet Christmas Tree


No one said anything about taking the wood out of the tree. Instead of going to cut down a tree or getting one from a tree lot, why not make this unique upcycled Christmas tree from reused pallets. String some lots through it and you’ve got a conversation piece (maybe for the front yard if it doesn’t fit in the living room).


Bottoms up with this wine bottle Christmas tree


Looking for something a little flashier? Save yourself the trip to the recycler and construct this cool Christmas tree made from old wine bottles. If you lit it from within, I bet it would light up your room magnificently!


Upcycled Christmas tree made from books


We know you all have a stash of books you just can’t part with. Put them to good use this Christmas by repurposing them into this year’s Christmas tree! Get even more creative by making it a theme; thriller holidays, mystery Christmas, romantic noel—add lights and the finishing touches to bring your imagination to life!


Plastic bottle Christmas trees


Keep plastic out of the landfill for one more day. Take your plastic bottles and transform them into a festive centrepiece with a jazzy, upcycled Christmas tree made from plastic bottles. Who needs lights with all those colours!


Christmas tree made from water spigot handles


Don’t have room for a Christmas tree in your small space? Why not make an upcycled Christmas tree to hang on your wall with old handles from your water taps? Perfect for the handyman in your family or just someone who appreciates repurposing old junk they aren’t ready to part with.


Rusty spoon Christmas tree


Here’s another upcycled Christmas tree that speaks to our junk loving hearts—a tabletop Christmas tree made from vintage spoons. It doesn’t take up much room, has a little bit of shine, a lot of memories, and keeps items out of the landfill. Now that makes for a Merry Christmas all around!


These are all great ideas of ways to reduce your waste at Christmas, yet keep the festive spirit alive in an eco-friendly, green way. All that Load of Rubbish has to decide now is what junk to string our lights around. There’s plenty to choose from in the back warehouse. Keep it coming!

Only 30 days until Christmas.

Christmas lights

Have lights, will sparkle! Merry Christmas