Have too much stuff? Get rid of it! There are lots of ways to go about that, from garage sales, Kijiji, Facebook Marketplace, and straight out to the garbage can on garbage day. So why choose Load of Rubbish? It’s simple. Waste Reduction.

Waste reduction with Load of Rubbish

Waste reduction with Load of Rubbish

Waste Reduction with LOR

Why choose Load of Rubbish to help you get rid of items you no longer want or need? There are plenty of reasons.

At Load of Rubbish, we work hard to keep your waste out of landfills. In fact over 80% of what we collect is diverted from municipal landfills through our thorough sorting process. Every item we collect is quickly assessed and our junk removal truck is loaded accordingly—items to donate, items to take to recycling centers, items flagged for further sorting back at our warehouse, and a small proportion of items to drop off at local landfills. Even on days with inclement weather, we do our part, as Load of Rubbish has a covered truck and trailer to prevent further damage to salvageable items.

Why not just put everything out to your curb yourself?

Local garbage disposal has limitations. Several items cannot go into your regular waste, including batteries, appliances, electronics, tires, scrap metal, and renovation materials. We collect all of these items and more at Load of Rubbish. Also, there is a 3-container limit in London and a 2-container limit in St Thomas. Load of Rubbish has one of the largest junk removal trucks in the area. At 600 cubic feet, we can handle far more than what municipal weekly limits allows. Plus, we also collect yard waste at any time, not just on designated days of the month.

My stuff is still worth something. I want to sell it.

Yard sales and online marketplaces are great options to dispose of your unwanted goods that still have value, while putting a little money back in your pocket. We get it and encourage people to keep as much out of landfills as possible. Sometimes these options come up short though.

If you have ever had a garage sale, you know that there always seems to be left over items still at the end of the day. Plus, people look for deals, so work hard to get your prices dropped to bargain-basement prices. That cuts into your profit. Not to mention the amount of work that goes into yard sales, from setup, to pricing, to advertising, and dealing with the sale itself on the day of. And yes, the cleanup afterwards requires effort too. Ultimately, all that time and effort is not worth it to some people and that is where Load of Rubbish comes in, whether as an alternate to the garage sale or as a cleanup measure after.

Online marketplaces are relatively easier, if you just have an item or two, but even they can be a hassle. Dangerous sometimes too. You generally don’t know who you are dealing with, so need to make sure you either meet in a safe place to exchange goods, or make sure you get the money before your items are exchanged. And if you have a large amount of things to get rid of, you then have to take the time to list, photograph, and price them all, plus deal with multiple people inquiring about said items. You get lots of people haggling here too, so make sure to price your items accordingly and prepare for the onslaught of emails/phone calls. Or none at all.

Waste Reduction Win

When you call Load of Rubbish, we understand that not everything we collect is at the end of its usable life. Our waste reduction policy means that most of what we pick up gets dropped off at area thrift stores. Why toss it if someone else can still use it? For items that are no longer usable, but still hold value in their raw material form, we do our part to recycle them. Batteries, tires, and electronics get collected until we have enough for a recycling run. Appliances with coolant are properly drained, before getting sent to recyclers. And plenty of other items end up at Green Valley Recycling too. Add in our professional and courteous staff and using Load of Rubbish for your waste reduction needs is a win all the way around!