For many, decluttering an office while keeping their conscience clean can sometimes seem an impossible task while reclaiming space after a delinquent tenant, moving store locations, or clearing out a warehouse are almost guaranteed to be prohibitively expensive and time consuming. Load of Rubbish dares to change all that by providing junk removal best practices for businesses in a convenient, affordable and efficient manner.

With Load of Rubbish, businesses can feel at ease knowing that their junk is being removed by a company who cares about our communities and our environment just as much as they do and who allows their conscience to dictate whether an item is delivered to a landfill, recycling depot, or even as a donation to the Salvation Army or Habitat for Humanity.

Just like the clients they serve, Load of Rubbish believes in exceptional customer service and hard, honest teamwork and they prove it each day through their punctuality, professionalism and efficiency. Any non-hazardous waste can be removed from anywhere in your workplace and your junk is loaded, moved, and recycled in accordance with your needs – even over and above regular garbage pick-up.

In addition to conventional businesses, Load of Rubbish also caters to Property Managers, Realtors, Contractors, Interior Designers, and more and can even service properties where space and manoeuvrability are an issue.

With some of the biggest trucks in town, same day or next day junk removal service when available, and competitive pricing delivered with a free estimate, getting rid of your junk is as easy as giving us a call or booking your appointment online and letting us handle the rest.