couch at thrift store

What do you do with old couches?

So you’ve decide to upgrade your living room set. Maybe the cat or dog scratched the old one. Perhaps the colour of your sofa no longer works in your space after painting. Or maybe the cushions just don’t support you anymore. Heck, you could just want a new one. All reasonable reasons to upgrade. The question then becomes, what do you do with your old couch?

What To Do with Old Couches

You have a few options; drop it off at a thrift store, drag it to the curb, or schedule a Load of Rubbish pickup.

Thrift Stores:

  • If your old couch is still in decent shape, many thrift stores will gladly accept them. You need to find a drop-off location that accepts larger donation items, like furniture. Most locations should help you unload your items from your vehicle.
  • Old couches that are ripped, torn, stained, or generally in need of repair are usually turned away at the thrift store door.


  • The City of London first and foremost encourages the donation of gently used items. For all other items, they collect large furniture pieces, like old couches and sofa beds, at the curb on scheduled garbage collection days. If you have a sofa bed, you must remove the mattress and tie down the springs.

Schedule a Load of Rubbish Pickup:

  • Load of Rubbish regularly collects old couches and other furniture.
    • If it is in decent condition, we drop it off to area thrift stores we work with.
    • If the condition is questionable, we can still have thrift stores inspect them to decide whether they are suitable for donation or not, while they inspect other items we have for drop off.
    • Items that are rejected by thrift stores stay in the truck and usually get dropped off to Green Valley Recycling, where they are recycled into other products.

Instead of leaving it to chance and having your old couch or sofa end up in the landfill, why not ensure it sees new life with Load of Rubbish. Leave the lifting and transportation to us. We come into your home or office and safely remove any articles for disposal. Whether it is broken down and recycled into new materials or reused by someone via donation, we are your best choice for old furniture removal. Book your pickup today!