Winter in Canada is beautiful. Picture a fresh, white blanket of snow covering everything and a magical sheen that takes your breath away…

That is until it turns into slush, you have to shovel a foot of it out of your driveway before you can leave your home, or you are doing renovations and want to dump construction debris outside before disposing of it. Yeah, there’s that. Sounds more like a love/hate relationship with winter then.

So what do you do if you have junk to get rid of and we are smack dab in the middle of winter? Do you want to rent a bin and trudge back and forth in the snow to fill it? That will leave you soggy in no time. We have the perfect suggestion; hire Load of Rubbish Junk Removal this winter!

winter scene

Perks of Hiring Load of Rubbish Junk Removal this Winter

winter junk removalWhy hire Load of Rubbish for your junk removal needs in the winter?

  • You don’t have to leave the warmth of your house. We do all the heavy lifting and transporting of junk out of your home or business. No worries about slipping on ice or getting sloppy in slush. We come prepared, so you can breathe easy this winter
  • No need to rent a dumpster to fill when the weather is cold, snowy, or windy. We come and collect it all in one trip. Have it ready in your garage and you get our great ready rate too; an additional 15% off!
  • Winter weather comes with less than ideal conditions. Not a worry with some of the largest junk removal trucks around. Our covered trucks protect everything we collect until it is disposed of at its final destination. Nothing is exposed to the elements, meaning we can safely donate items to area thrift stores or local recyclers without fear of it becoming damaged along the way by inclement weather.
  • Moving junk always comes with risks, but with messy winter weather, those risks sometimes increase. Not a worry with Load of Rubbish! Not only are we highly skilled at moving heavy and awkward items, but we also carry WSIB and liability insurance. That protects you and us in case of accidental injury.
  • After we clean out your garage, you can finally use it to store your vehicle! No more brushing it off before heading out. Even if you have a detached garage, your vehicle will be that much warmer before you step inside of it too. Reclaim your space this winter by tackling your junk removal today!


Leave your junk removal needs to the professionals at Load of Rubbish this winter. We are friendly, reliable, courteous, and safe. Save time, money, and the headache of getting rid of junk yourself. More time for snuggling in front of a roaring fire with a steaming cup of hot cocoa for two. Contact Load of Rubbish today!