Ever stopped to think about what you toss in the garbage and whether or not that’s where it belongs? Chances are that it doesn’t. In today’s throw-away society, people blindly cast aside items they no longer want, whether they have use left in them or not. The practice is hurting not only ourselves, but our planet and there is no reason for it. It’s time we did something about that.

Enter Load of Rubbish’s mandate: Donate, Recycle, Dispose…

Thrift stores are a great place to salvage reusable items

Thrift stores serve a huge purpose in our society, hence why Load of Rubbish supports them and their policies to reuse as much as possible

WHY you Should Donate/Recycle More

  • saves raw materialsNo need to extract more raw materials from the earth, when products at the end of their present usable life can be recycled into new goods
  • reduces dependence on fossil fuelsgood for the environment, helps in the fight against climate change
  • creates less waste in landfillsLondon’s landfill is expected to reach capacity by 2025. London is actively looking at strategies to improve our Resource Recovery Strategy. Creating less waste is one solution.
  • creates jobs – Think thrift stores, the recycling industry, and all the spin-off industries from there
  • improves outlook for low-income familiesWhen items are donated to thrift stores (like Load of Rubbish does), lower-income families have access to items they may not be able to afford otherwise, saving money for other more critical expenses
  • creates more space in your home – How many of you have lamented a lack of space in your home? Free up space with a thorough purge on a regular basis.
  • feels good – Decluttering frees our space and mind from things that hold us back. Whether we are letting go of old items, old habits, or old mindsets, most people feel a sense of freedom and lightness from letting go. Pair that with the knowledge that those old things that held you back will be put to good use by someone else. That makes for Plenty of reasons to feel great!

lor-truckLoad of Rubbish realizes that not everyone has the time to run to their local thrift store to drop off old clothes, knick knacks, and household goods. And thrift stores don’t necessarily take all household goods anyway. We also realize that recycling bins don’t accept old batteries, cell phones or televisions. That’s why using our services makes such good sense.

Load of Rubbish collects almost everything (barring hazardous waste), from tires to mattresses, fridges to metal, and so much more. Reuseable items go to the thrift stores we partner with. Items fit for recycling go to metal or e-waste depots. Even the last of the items that might be declared waste end up at Green Valley, where they end up recycling almost everything else.

So instead of absentmindedly putting anything and everything out to the curb on your next garbage day, remember the potential in reusing and recycling things. Then give us a call to schedule a pickup. There are so many reasons why you’ll be glad you did, not least of which is that you will be dealing with a local, family-run reputable business. We aim to make a difference.

Talk to you soon!