Winter Activities

It’s winter in Southwestern Ontario. That means blowing snow, frigid temperatures, and miserable slush to wade through when going anywhere. Instead of fighting against it, why not accept winter for what it is. Embrace winter by hibernating!

HIBERNATION: An extended period of remaining inactive or indoors.

Oxford Dictionary

Hibernating isn’t just about sleeping until the first crocus pops through the frozen soil though. It just makes for more time spent indoors. There is plenty to do inside though! So why not make this winter’s hibernation productive, while you keep toasty warm indoors.

Indoor Winter Activities

Winter hibernation—YES, it can be more than just sleeping. And while being inactive during the winter is an option, that can make the winter season seem interminable. Who wants winter to last forever?! Not Load of Rubbish.

Instead, why not embrace a few indoor activities to keep from going stir-crazy this winter. Take up a hobby. Learn a new skill. Tackle a home renovation project. Welcome the slower season and find ways to relax.

  • paint
  • take an art class
  • knit a throw
  • build a cabinet
  • renovate your home
  • write a book
  • learn an instrument
  • organize a closet/collection
  • join a gym/exercise class
  • take a bath or tend to skincare
ENJOY LIFE this is not a dress rehearsal

Over the course of the winter, you could accomplish plenty, all without leaving your house! The trick is to lump it into blocks of time. Like accomplishing a task a day, or perhaps once a week. And those tasks can include projects, activities, and leisure time too.

A Week of Winter Activities with LOR

Day 1:

What’s next on your to-do list?
  • Renovate your study
  • Write that book you’ve been meaning to tackle
  • Read a how-to book to find your next project

Day 2:

  • Organize paint supplies
  • Paint your bathroom
  • Take a nice hot bath to relax after all that work

Day 3:

  • Organize your craft supplies
  • Knit a blanket
  • Curl up under your new blankie to watch a movie with the kids

Day 4:

Who wants to jam?
  • Learn an instrument
  • Write a new song
  • Jam with friends in the evening

Day 5:

  • Purge your kitchen cupboards
  • Build a new pantry
  • Make a nice meal for your family

Day 6:

  • Clean the family room
  • Sweat a little more over an exercise video
  • Sweet talk your partner for a massage to relax your aching muscles

Day 7:

  • Flip your mattress
  • Change your sheets (and do some other laundry too)
  • Go to bed—you deserve it after a hard week’s worth of work!

Have we inspired you yet? What other tasks, activities, or leisurely pursuits do you prefer in the winter?